What is the best way to enlarge my penis?

When faced with the incredible number of options out there, this is an increasingly common question. There are penis pills, penis patches, penis exercises, penis surgery, penis pumps, penis stretchers and penis exercises.

With so many options, what do you do?

The truth of the matter, is that each option (barring a few) has merits. A good way to view penis enlargement methods is likening them to vitamins. Each vitamin individually had a beneficial effect on the body.

Vitamin C – prevents common colds and infection
Vitamin B – aids the nervous system
Vitamin D – promotes cell growth and health
Vitamin E – protects cell membranes and DNA

Penis enlargement methods can be viewed in much the same way. Barring penis pumps, each method has its place and can have a beneficial affect on your penis’s health and size.

However, as everyone knows, no one ever just takes one vitamin and calls it good. Hence, the popularity of multi-vitamins. The body needs a combination of vitamins to run healthfully and efficiently. Vitamins produce an exponential benefit when combined in the body.

A vitamin utilizes other vitamins and is assimilated and used by the body more readily, when other vitamins are also present. Without a combination of vitamins in the body, ill health and sickness could more easily progress in the body. In light of this, multi-vitamins have seen incredible popularity.

The same philosophy should be used when exploring the world of penis enlargement. Logically, the more methods you incorporate to enlarge your penis, the more success you’ll see. However, there is one problem with this concept. It’s still new in the penis enlargement world and virtually no penis enlargement programs have diversified their systems. That is, until now.

Penis enlargement programs offer different enlargement methods into one system. They offer:

1) a penis traction device
2) penis enlargement pills
3) semen volumizers
4) etc